In 2017, you will receive the following information:

  • Highest grossing players in the UK
  • Financial performance and growth rates of key businesses in the sector
  • Overall market growth rate
  • Pricing, margins and profitability levels (trend over 3 years)
  • Technology adoption (TMS and Neural MT)
  • Gross salaries of LSP staff & change since 2015
  • KPIs for project managers & salespeople motivation schemes
  • Merger and acquisition potential
  • Potential of specialist verticals (life sciences, marketing transcreation)
  • Marcom channel performance

The third annual research project offers key data about the translation and interpreting market in the United Kingdom. Benchmark your company’s performance, compare your pricing, profitability and margins to those of other companies, get a concise yet comprehensive overview of the technology trends.


Your benefits:

  • ATC members who complete the questionnaire will receive the full 30-page report
  • Non-members will receive a summary analysis

Previous reports:


“Excellent survey, full of useful data”.

Paul Stewart, Wessex Translations

“Very much enjoyed your analysis, great data to see”.

Matt Train, TranslateMedia